January 2022

A Monthly Cohort

Empathy is a myth, the idea that an individual can see outside, or beyond, themselves for any consistent amount of time is implausible.

However, this does not make it an unworthy aspiration.

Being able to cognitively comprehend scenarios outside of our own individual experiences has many benefits.

And for those who seek a structural over-standing of how "-isms" inhibit our social, cultural and technological innovation, and how to break free, we introduce and explore these topics ...

  • Gender Studies
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Able-ism
  • Power Dynamics

This is an overview of conversations you will, hopefully, continue to have for the rest of your life.

Our goal is to provide you with a solid foundation, as we all continue to explore and advance our own identities and communities.

Monthly Cohorts

Each cohort lasts four-weeks, each week containing materials and space for both specific and free-from conversation; as well as individual attention for each participant.

The first three cohorts will be composed of five individuals each, for a cost of 2, 3 and 4 SOL, respectively.

The fourth cohort will host eight participants for a cost of 5 SOL.

NFTs will enable initial access to the DFLDAO, while Manifesting Empathy is one of two required courses to complete initiation and orientation to the lab.

Rebel Coding being the other.

Weekly Routine

Each weekly will consist of two group conversations and one individual conversation. Additionally, both a group and individual challenge will be issued each week.

Season One participants/cohorts will have an opportunity to amend the schedule, if so desired.

These first three iterations of the course are meant to be collaborative.

The fourth iteration, while being collaborative as well, will begin to introduce the true fruits of our conversations by expanding the curriculum to formally introduce guest speakers.

Final Form

In its final form, each week will be contain a series of topical lectures and panels, of which participants will have an option to attend individually. Group conversations with their cohort will also occur weekly, as well as weekly individual conversations with their course guide.

In this way we are able to serve the most students in the most efficient manner; while maintaining a sense of inclusion and connectedness.

Former students will always be able to drop in on lectures, as well.

About Culture Clap

Adopted into an adverse cultural situation, education provided the language needed to process, navigate, and survive, a socially, psychologically and spiritually violent environment.

After two decades of applied learning, Canin now offers access to their insights and experiences to illuminate your own insights and experiences.

Manifesting Empathy is an introduction to the pantheon of conversations requisite to being conscious of diversity in all of its infinite and ever-changing forms.

Which is to say that while we will never be competent enough, we can acclimate ourselves to, and so begin to mitigate, the pitfalls of our innate curiosity.

Learning to better navigate our todays and tomorrows ... as well as those of others.